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*Facial add-ons:

Brow style and tint
Full treatment / €37.50
Add-on / €27.50

Brows have the ability to make your personality speak without you saying a word. At OJAI, we love to make your true self sing by creating natural brows through minimal tweezing and hypoallergenic dye.

Buccal Massage / €45.00

Buccal massage is a specific technique that targets the lips, lower face and jaw area. It is a preventative and corrective technique that is unique as it blends facial sculpting massage with an intra-oral massage (performed inside of the mouth). This allows access to muscles that are not normally addressed, making it a wonderful treatment for sculpting, relaxing and improving lower facial tone. 

Crystal Massage / €20.00

Experience the infinite powers of natural semi-precious stones in a relaxing face massage. Using the energetic qualities of one of our hand-picked rocks, we heal whatever holds you back or keeps you from being your strongest self.

Cupping Face / €25.00

Cupping will get your blood circulation going and your skin glowing. Starting this treatment off with facial cupping will help your skin absorb all active ingredients, so you get the most out of the products.

Cupping shoulders / €25.00

An ancient remedy for those pesky problems with your back and shoulders. The perfect treatment for those of us who’re making long hours behind a computer or work in a high-stress environment.


When treating our bodies, we often overlook our breasts and décolleté. This treatment offers them the care and attention they deserve. We are firming and lifting the skin with a mask, specialistic massage techniques and lymph drainage.

Ear seeds / €25.00

Take control of your emotional well-being with ear seeds, a self-healing tool designed to manage emotions and stress. Placed on specific acupuncture points, they provide gentle pressure for 3 to 6 days, and are conveniently yours to take home with you. Soothe your soul anytime, anywhere.

Extensive Shoulder Massage / €35.00

All the shoulders could ever need. This thorough treatment includes a bespoke massage and cupping. For a body that feels rejuvenated.

Eye Brightening Treatment / €25.00

An eye-opener - quite literally. This treatment will brighten your eyes with a nourishing eye mask, serums and lifting massage.

Hydrobomb Sheet mask / €45.00

Revitalize your skin post-treatment with our Hydrobomb Sheet Mask. Developed with TCD technology, active ingredients penetrate deep, stimulating collagen growth and healing micro-wounds. Improved elasticity, rejuvenation, and hydration are the result. Cooling and hyper-moisturizing, the mask reduces redness and skin temperature by 6°C in just 15 minutes. With antibacterial and antioxidant properties, it refreshes and protects. Ideal for microneedling or PRX treatments.

Sound healing / €25.00

Sound healing is an ancient practice that uses sound vibrations to bring the body and mind into a state of balance and harmony. The benefits of sound healing include stress reduction, improved sleep, enhanced mood and increased energy levels.

Face Massages

Skin Improvement

Scalp Treatments

*Scalp add-ons:

Extensive Shoulder Massage / €35.00

All the shoulders could ever need. This thorough treatment includes a bespoke massage and cupping. For a body that feels rejuvenated.

Ampoule / €35.00

Beautiful booster for fuller, healthier hair and scalp, depending on the hair type and needs. From hormonal hair loss to lack of vitamins and minerals in the root of the hair.

Glow and tone / 45.00

Non-toxic hair booster that gives the hair its natural shine back. Option with a tint  to enhance your own colour.

Bio hair strengthening / 45.00

Lovely hair treatment to recover damaged hair, give your hair back its elasticity and softness.

Guasha neck and scalp / 45.00

Cupping Neck / 45.00

Vitamin Mesotherapy / €35.00

Body Treatments

*Body add-ons:

Algae wrapping / €35.00 per zone
(arms/belly/buttocks/upper legs)

€120 for all zones

Algae powder for anti-cellulite wraps with dried and ground sea algae. Contains only high quality natural ingredients and minerals.

Cupping / €55.00

CBD Premium Oil / 32.50

Guasha / 25.00 per area

Algae detox / €55.00 per area

Extensive foot massage / €35.00

Extensive Scalp Massage / €35.00

Holistic Healing